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Edit your photos with our online photo editor. Change the background, crop, adjust colors, and add filters just in a few clicks.

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While using different platforms, adjusting the same image could be difficult. Especially in the case of a website, uploading size matters a lot. With our best online photo editor, you can make all the necessary adjustments to the size without losing the photo quality.

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Are you habitual of sharing screenshots with your friends and colleagues? But you have to spend a lot of time cropping the image? You have the solution now. Crop your images online without wasting your time with unnecessary settings and adjustments.

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Do you want to wish your friend a happy birthday? Or do you need the text in images for creating your own memes? The online photo editor allows you to do so in different styles and colors. Just think of the text that will go with a particular image, type it in, adjust the settings, and you are done.

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Frequently asked questions

Editing pictures is not about a few clicks here and there. It is a detailed process of precise quality and the perfect size. The Photo Online Editor will help you achieve just that and so much more. The free online photo editing tool has a wide variety of features, enough to satisfy your requirements. You have the option of resizing, cropping, and adding text to an image. To use the free photo online editor to its full potential, play with all these features, and you’ll get the desired results.

Allows you to save your images in a variety of formats and sizes. So either you want a picture in the perfect size for your display on Instagram, or the same picture is needed, but in a different size for a business platform, the free online photo editing tool got you covered. Upload your image, enter the height and width that you want, and bam! You got the image just the way you wanted. Once you have the desired image, there will be an option for ‘download’ on the right-hand side of the screen. After that, you will either download the picture in png or jpeg and choose your fighter. After that, it will be a matter of seconds before the image is saved in your gadget.

When you are done editing a photo and downloading it, you will be faced with the option of whether to save the image in .jpg or .png format. The distinctive quality that sets both formats aside is the compression algorithms used. PNG uses a ‘lossless’ algorithm, while on the other hand, JPG uses a ‘lossy’ compression algorithm. In PNG, the size of your photo will be larger, but there will be no compromise on the quality. On the other hand, with JPG, you can have a much smaller size version of your image, but the quality deteriorates after a specific point.

Adding filters is the easiest task one can do when editing an image. It is made easier when using the free online photo editing tool. All you have to do is choose the filter to your taste, and it will be applied to the image in a second. That’s all.